De «ARTisSpectrum»,

From «ARTisSpectrum», November 2008: 

«Emerging artist Marie Ban draws on her classical artistic training and superb handling of color to render a visionary collection of spiritually inspired oils on canvas.  Whether she paints a quiet landscape or an otherworldly scene, Ban imbues her paintings with a silent but ever present focus, which reflects her other great passion, Yoga. In doing so, Ban allows her paintings to become meditations for the viewer.  By peacefully concentrating on the beautiful and often mysterious imagery in Ban’s works, viewers are able to escape, if only momentarily, from the stressful realities of the everyday world. Ban’s interdisciplinary approach also incorporates her interests in the fields of philosophy and religion and she frequently explores cultures outside her own in the thematic elements of her artworks.  Ban is a true master of color, able to translate her artistic vision to a diverse range of color palettes.  While the artist can adeptly produce subtle, almost monochromatic paintings, she also conjures fantastic Technicolor visions with inventive shades and just as easily recreates the hues produced by history’s greatest artist, Nature.
Born in Prague, Czech Republic, Marie Ban relocated to Andalucia, Spain in 2004.  For the past two years, the artist has lived and worked in the city of Malaga.»